Monday, June 26, 2006

Trying something new

A Sunday Scribble

The daily routine
Soundtrack of suburban life
Music surrounds me

Giggles, laughter, joy
Secret chats, children's pacts, friends
Music makes me smile

Middle night silence
With door locked we say nothing
Music fuels my soul

Rampant consumption
click swipe "Thank you come again"
Music brings me down

Mowers hum, bikes tick
A.C. drones, sprinkler swooshes
Music dulls my edge

Bloop! Zoop! Kapow! Zap!
"Mama come see my score now!"
Music livens games

Washer shimmies, shoops
Dryer tumbles, rumbles, boom
Music launders moods

"I had a bad dream"
Tiny body snores next mine
Music calms my fears

Japanese rhythm
flexes my writing muscle
Music frames haiku

Beautiful poem celebrating the music of your days and nights!
I love your Scribblings! This is just so powerful and inventive and good! What a creative and impressive piece of writing!
I like this style-good take on music.
That was fun. And yes, music can certainly add that certain something missing sometimes. I joke that my life has a soundtrack because I love having music on often throughout the day (although I enjoy the silence too!)

Music frames life. Nice work, Hobess.

This was wonderful! I love the long haiku style. I tried this a few days ago, but I didn't love it. This is very good! All these sounds are so familiar to life...

I really like this! I love all th noises!
Very nice!
How lovely.....the music of your life!
Please email me your adress, I have a few things to send to you.
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