Friday, August 18, 2006

With great apologies to Will and Jeff

Here's a little scribble inspired by actual events, canine stereotypes and that great old song, Parents Just Don't Understand. Oh! Will and I have grown up so much since then, and so it was with great affection I totally ripped off his beat (to the best of my abilties) and the heart of his lyrics for this light-hearted effort. For more on what we think our pets think check out the clever bunch over at Sunday Scribblings. Happy Weekend!

You know humans are the same
No matter time nor place
They don't understand that us dogs
Are going to make some mistakes
So to you, all the dogs all across the land
There's no need to argue
Humans just don't understand

Like, one day, they took off for work
Forgot to fill my water I could die of thirst
When they got back later made a bunch of noise
’Cause I drank from the toilet like the neighbor’s boys
But the noise didn’t matter I was glad to see ’em
Dehydration couldn’t stop my happy peein’

And when she tripped over me in the dark
You didn’t hear me yelp didn’t hear me bark
I was just so happy I wasn’t alone
See dogs can’t fill the silence usin’ cell phones

Or, OK, how about this situation
My owners went away on a week’s vacation
Took me to a glass house with a toddler bed
Sure there was TV and ya I got fed
But when they got me home they started to holler
I was runnin’ all around they took me by the collar
Put me out back and closed the door
What’d they bother with bringin’ me home for
Didn’t mean no harm just so glad to see ’em
Could not stop my happy peein’

So to you all the dogs all across the land
There's no need to argue
Humans just don't understand

Then there was the time I ate the remote
He was at Target for a new one that night, couldn’t cope
And two days later sealin’ up the Ziploc
He saw I pooped the number buttons, imagine his shock

Then another time that they got in the car
Said it wouldn’t be long said they wouldn’t go far
As I looked out the window and watched ’em pull away
I got tangled up in the Christmas holiday
Imagine the language imagine the sound
When they came in saw that tree pulled down
And Styrofoam and ribbon up on the couch
Plastic and glass all over the house
At 2 a.m. I didn’t feel so good,
Barfin’ up glass and some hunks of wood

But they got me to the vet made sure I was fine
Scratched between my ears stayed there the whole time
Next day we went out and played some ball
While she took her sweet time shoppin’ at the mall
And when she got home she brought me new chew toys
Ya, they love me despite all the noise

I can't believe it, despite my mistakes
Well humans are the same no matter time nor place
So to you all the dogs all across the land
Take it from me
Sometimes they understand

Eva (left) is into decorations. She is now 2. Schultz, her predecessor, was such a guy, just had to have that remote. Neither liked the kennel very much (I don't think any dog does.) and I'm quite certain both sampled the toity water, which is why I believe in living in a lid-down house! Either way, I don't think an animal could love this family more than either of them has.

LOL!!! YOu had me rapping to this!! Nice one.
This is so funny! Perhaps its time for your dogs to try out for America's Got Talent? If the granny rapper can get as far as she did, why not canine rappers?
Very funny....though long, it kept me engaged. Excellent
I like it!! And the pics of your fur-covered children are great too!!
Such beautiful dogs! How you reminded me with your rap that pets are a great gift to the family. I'm sure mine will be quite cross with me as I've been away all summer.

I hope you enjoyed your holidays. Welcome back!

LMAO!! So good! And beautiful dogs, too.

LMAO too!

What beautiful dogs and your deep love and evotion shines bright.
Great post! I could hear the rhythm all the way through, and see the dogs' expressions.
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